21 April 2023

Margaret discussed best practice pest management in the context of wallaby populations with bFM.

March/April 2023

Weed management was the subject of the day in Margaret’s contribution to NZ Geographic’s story on ‘Jungle Warfare’

22 March 2023

Margaret talked about how to boost your backyard biodiversity in the Spinoff’s ‘FutureProof

Feb 2023

Margaret talked about how urban greening can help mitigate the impacts of flooding in the NZHerald, Newsroom. RNZ and in NZES Hot topics.

2 Feb 2023

Hedgehogs were the subject of the day for Margaret in this article from Stuff.

Jan/Feb 2023

The release of our pet bird paper caused a flurry of discussions with various media outlets: RNZ, Newshub, TodayFM and Stuff

Jan 2023

Daria’s research on bird feeding featured in RNZ:Afternoons, bFM, ODT, RNZ:Weekends, ABC Radio Australia and NZHerald.

15 January 2023

Margaret discusses the potential for cat controls with TV3’s Newshub

Sept/Oct 2022

Our pet bird research was the subject of an article in NZ Geographic: ‘The Big Bird Ban’

Sept/Oct 2022

Cathy’s research featured in the NZ Geographic: ‘Cats are unpredictable, Who knew?’

31 August 2022

Margaret talked about the need to preserve darkness in our cities for wildlife in The Spinoff.

29 August 2022

Collaborator Yolanda van Heezik discusses our paper on a garden accreditation system for biodiversity with Stuff

23 August 2022

Rosie wrote a great OpEd in the NZHerald focused on her research on community backyard trapping.

17 August 2022

Juli was busy with media talking about her new paper on how important sleep is for bird song, and featured in NZ Geographic, Newshub, Karyn Hay Nights, and Morning Report RNZ 

21 June 2022

Cathy was interviewed by Stuff, 95bFM and featured on TV3’s Newshub talking about her recent paper on feral cat home ranges.

21 June 2022

Finally, a conversation about matariki and light pollution – RNZ The Panel

3 June 2022

Margaret featured on TV1’s Seven Sharp with a feature on how to spot the difference between pesty pampas and native toetoe

14-16 February 2022

Busy time in the media for Margaret – being interviewed by Stuff, BfM, RNZ and The Guardian about our research on the potential impact of pet birds escaping in NZ.

10 February 2022

Margaret’s ‘Drawing Science’ collaboration with illustrator Pepper Raccoon on best practice weed management was published this week in The Spinoff! ‘Aotearoa’s Weed Problem

31 January 2022

Margaret featured on Nine to Noon (RNZ) discussing why biodiversity in cities matters.

14 December 2021

Margaret wrote an OpEd for The Guardian on the housing intensification bill.

25 November 2021

Margaret was interviewed by The Detail on Green Corridors

11 November 2021

Margaret commented in Stuff about the release of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report on weed management in New Zealand

10 November 2021

Rosie was interviewed by Stuff, RNZ’s The Panel and TVNZ’s Seven Sharp about her image of a korimako/bellbird on her camera traps  – the first time korimako have been spotted on the Auckland isthmus for 100 years!

27 September 2021

Margaret wrote a piece in Newsroom on nature and mental health for Mental Health Week

5 September 2021

Margaret was interviewed for Stuff about urban greening in Christchurch

29 August 2021

Margaret was interviewed by NZHerald on light pollution in Auckland

28 May 2021

Margaret featured in an article about urban sanctuaries in BBC future Planet 

30 November 2020

Margaret was interviewed by RNZ about the Auckland Mayoral Conservation Awards & Pestival  ‘Great Debate’ on introducing Australian species to replace our extinct flora and fauna.

19 November 2020

Margaret was interviewed by Stuff about Ellery’s PhD research on light pollution.

14 April 2020

Margaret wrote an OpEd on whether birds are flourishing under COVID-19 lockdown and was interviewed by RNZ’s Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan and RNZ’s Checkpoint

16 September 2019 

Margaret was featured in a local story about how to improve biodiversity in cities through backyard actions!

4 July 2019 

Margaret featured in an article in Atlas Obscura about how plants in cities might be affected by climate change

2 June 2019 

Margaret was interviewed by Stuff about tree loss in cities throughout New Zealand

12 April 2019

Margaret wrote an OpEd for Newsroom on place-based conservation

18 January 2019

Margaret featured in a Newsroom story on people planting introduced carnivorous plant species in National Parks

19 November 2018 

Ellery McNaughton was interviewed by Jesse Mulligan at Radio New Zealand about her research on light pollution

30 October 2018

Margaret was featured in a Newsroom story on the Council report on tree removal in Auckland

29 October 2018

Margaret gave an interview on Auckland tree loss on Radio NZ with Jesse Mulligan  

16 October 2018

Margaret was interviewed about ant by Jesse Mulligan at RadioNZ in the expert feature slot

15 August 2018

Ellery McNaughton wrote an extension of her recent Ecology Ngatahi blog for Newsroom:

19 April 2018

Margaret spoke to Kathryn Ryan on Nine-to-Noon about urban cat research and management

18 April 2018

Margaret spoke to Farmers Weekly about the lack of long-term ecological monitoring in NZ

12 April 2018

Margaret wrote an OpEd for Newsroom on pet cat management

10 April 2018

Margaret was featured in a Newsroom story on the lack of long-term ecological monitoring

23 March 2018

Margaret wrote an OpEd for NZHerald on Biodiversity in Auckland and featured on RNZ’s Jesse Mulligan show

26 October 2017

Margaret was interviewed by The Project (Three)  about the Global insect decline. The Project (Three) 26 Oct 1:20mins

22 September 2017

Margaret was interviewed by Stuff about inequity of Auckland’s tree cover  

5 September 2017

Margaret Stanley was interviewed by Newsroom on urban nature:  

28 August 2017

Jamie Morton interview’s the four speakers (including Margaret Stanley) of the Vice-Chancellor’s Lecture Series on 

18 August 2017

Read Margaret’s article in The Spinoff:

STANLEY, M. C. (2017). If an insect goes extinct in the forest, and nobody records it… The Spinoff

6 July 2017

Anna Probert was in the news as a result of her Ecology Ngatahi blog. She spoke to Jamie Morton of the NZ Herald about insects and winter:

13 July 2017

Margaret Stanley took part in NZ Herald’s Sustainable Cities Series:  and tried to make a case for integrating biota into cities.

University of Auckland ecologist Dr Margaret Stanley. Photo / Supplied



5th May 2017: Hear Margaret Stanley talking about myrtle rust in the context of the biosecurity system on TV3’s “The Project’. On Demand Episode 5/5/17 at 26:30mins.

30th June 2016: Listen to Margaret Stanley discussing pests & climate change on RadioNZ:

6 April 2016: Listen to Margaret Stanley being interviewed about threats to urban ecosystems by Kathryn Ryan on RNZ’s Nine to Noon programme:

The interview centres around this blog and paper:

STANLEY MC, BEGGS JR, BASSETT IE, BURNS BR, DIRKS KN, JONES DJ, LINKLATER WL, MACINNIS-NG C, SIMCOCK R, SOUTER-BROWN G, TROWSDALE SA, GASTON KJ. Emerging threats in urban ecosystems: a horizon scanning exercise. Frontiers in Ecology & Environment, 2015 13(10): 553–560, doi:10.1890/150229

1 April 2016: Robert Vennell and his MSc on quantifying feral pig damage functions is in the news!