Summer student scholarship: Managing multiple weeds while minimising impacts


Most weed research has been focused on single weed species. However, the impact of multiple weeds within one site can be complex and managers need research to determine whether weeds help or hinder each other – and to make decisions on the order of weed removal without having unintended consequences on socio-cultural-ecological values.

This project will be aligned to an existing PhD project on multiple weed impacts in mānuka/kānuka ecosystems and will involve a combination of shadehouse experiments and fieldwork. There may be an opportunity to work with Māori growers and nurseries in the Bay of Plenty as part of the Bioprotection Aotearoa Centre of Research Excellence’s focus on ecosystem restoration underpinning community wellbeing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work within our larger, supportive research team. Training will include horticulture skill development in establishing and maintaining competition experiments with potted plants. Field skill development will include weed surveys (weed and native plant identification) and establishing sampling plots. The exact project will depend on the interests of the candidate.

Scholarship Amount

A total of $6000 tax free is available for each scholarship. Fortnightly payments will be made for the duration of the scholarship, with the final payment of $1000 on receipt of the approved student project report.

Application Process

Please download and complete the BA Summer scholar student application form 2022 (Links to an external site.) (Word doc).  Send your completed application form, along with a CV and a Cover Letter detailing why you feel you wouldbe suitable for this position.

Email applications to Elena Johnson elena.johnson@lincoln.ac.nz before the closing date 23 September, 2022. 

MSc project: Darwin’s ant eradication

Currently Auckland Council and Dept. of Conservation are attempting to eradicate Darwin’s ant from Aotea/Great Barrier Island. The Eradication Team is currently using control and monitoring techniques used for Argentine ants, however, there appear to be significant differences in behaviour between the two species. We are looking for a student to research monitoring and detection methods for Darwin’s ants. This MSc provides an opportunity to work directly with Auckland Council and DOC staff on an eradication project. You will be expected to stay on Aotea for short periods (supported by Auckland Council). A driver’s licence and own transport is required for Auckland fieldwork.

Auckland Council is also offering a $5K tax-free stipend for the selected student.

Looking for a student enrolling  BIOSCI 761 in S1 2023 and starting MSc S2 2023.

Enquiries to Margaret Stanley (mc.stanley@auckland.ac.nz). Interested students should send their CV and transcript to Margaret by 1 Dec. 2022.



PhD and MSc student opportunities in urban ecology e.g The contribution of golf courses to biodiversity

Funded positions will be advertised as they become available.



Please contact Margaret for postgraduate and volunteer opportunities.