PhD and MSc student opportunities in urban ecology

e.g The contribution of golf courses to biodiversity


MSc project: Darwin’s ant eradication

Currently Auckland Council and Dept. of Conservation are attempting to eradicate Darwin’s ant from Aotea/Great Barrier Island. The Eradication Team is currently using control and monitoring techniques used for Argentine ants, however, there appear to be significant differences in behaviour between the two species. We are looking for a student to research monitoring and detection methods for Darwin’s ants. This MSc provides an opportunity to work directly with Auckland Council and DOC staff on an eradication project. You will be expected to stay on Aotea for short periods (supported by Auckland Council). A driver’s licence and own transport is required for Auckland fieldwork.

Auckland Council is also offering a $2K tax-free stipend for the selected student.

Looking for a student enrolling either 1) BIOSCI 761 in S2 2022 and starting MSc on 1 Dec 2022 or 2) BIOSCI 761 in S1 2023 and starting MSc S2 2023.

Enquiries to Margaret Stanley (mc.stanley@auckland.ac.nz). Interested students should send their CV and transcript to Margaret by 1 July 2022.


Funded positions will be advertised as they become available.

Please contact Margaret for postgraduate and volunteer opportunities.

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