I have been lucky to have a wonderful group of postgraduate students, and postdoctoral fellows working with me. We benefit enormously from the connections and collaborations we have with our special alumni.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Lizzy Lowe  - The effects of urbanisation on beetle communities

Current position: Postdoc, Macquarie University

Cheryl Krull  - Roads as a barrier to invasive mammals

Current position: Lecturer, AUT (Auckland University Technology)


 PhD Students

Rosie Gerolemou - The Social and Ecological Benefits of Community-led Backyard Pest Control in Urban Auckland

Juli Gaviraghi Mussoi - The importance of sleep for avian vocal communication

Theo O'Malley - Rat and Possum Dynamics in an Eradication Landscape: Novel Tools, Movement Patterns and Device Interactions

Current position: postdoc, Max Planck Institute, Germany

Cathy Nottingham  - The influence of vegetation connectivity on feral cat movement on farms

Yen Yi Loo  - Vocal communication of titipounamu

Current position: Postdoc, Sunway Centre for Planetary Health, Malaysia

Daria Erastova - Sugar-water feeding impacts on urban birds

Current Position: Forest & Bird

Ines Moran   - Vocal learning in titipounamu

Ellery McNaughton -  Effects of artificial light at night on urban wildlife.

Current Position: Biosecurity Advisor, Auckland Council

Rachael Sagar - Foraging ecology and physiological impacts of translocation of mottled petrels (Pterodroma inexpectata
Current Position: Ecologist, Department of Conservation

Carolina Lara Mendoza  - Plant-frugivore interactions in an urbanised landscape

Current Position: Avifauna specialist, Wildlands

Anna ProbertAssessing risk to native ecosystems: using exotic ants as models

Current Position: Postdoc, University of Fribourg

Josie Galbraith – Does supplementary feeding contribute to the success of 
introduced bird species?

Current position: Natural Sciences Curator, Auckland Museum

Christine Sheppard – Potential distribution and invasiveness of newly established 
alien plants under different climate change scenarios.

Current position: Academic, University of Hohenheim

Cheryl Krull – Impact and management of feral pigs in temperate rainforest

Current position: Lecturer, AUT (Auckland University Technology)

Tania Jogesh – Consequences of global redistribution on the ecology and evolution 
of the invasive weed Pastinaca sativa and its associated insect fauna

Current position: Postdoc, Chicago Botanic Gardens
MSc Students
Abi Cunninghame - Ecological Condition and Utilisation of Greenspaces 
in Primary Schools

Rebecca McQueen - How do personality and sex affect stress responses in myna vocalisations

Current Position: Biosecurity Team, Auckland Council

Jessica Peart  - Sex-specific crypsis as a driver of sexual dichromatism in titipounamu

Current Position: Ecologist, Wildlands

Makenzie Vitosovich - Antipredator colouration

Sandy Huang - The ecology of Auckland's urban trees

Current Position: Ecologist, Beca, Ltd

Cathy Nottingham – The impact of hedgehogs in urban forest fragments

Robert Vennell – Estimating a damage function for feral pig disturbance

Current position: Collections Manager, Natural Sciences, Auckland Museum

Rebecca Lerhke – Assessing the Assessing the efficacy of disturbance-based
 management of black swans at the Auckland Airport

Current position: PhD candidate, Charles Darwin University

Sam Heggie-Gracie – Urban bird composition at different scales

Current position: Ecologist, Tonkin & Taylor

Sam Lincoln – Indirect impacts of mammalian pest control

Current position: Ecologist, Ark in the Park (Forest & Bird)

Jess Devitt – Assessing the potential ecological impacts of the hadda beetle

Current position: Ministry of Primary Industries

Claire Warren – Kick-starting secondary succession in old fields: can artificial
perches influence seed rain?

Current Position: Department of Conservation

Eru Nathan – Determining the spatial extent of biodiversity outcomes mammalian
 predator pest management

Current position: Ecologist, Auckland Council

Vinni Pather – The ecology and future invasive potential of Jatropha curcas as a
 biofuel crop in New Zealand

Current position: Incursion investigator, Ministry for Primary Industries

Saronna Auina – The impact of Anopolepis gracilipes (yellow crazy ants) on 
invertebrate communities in Nu’utele, Samoa

Current position: High School science teacher

Murray Fea - Reproductive ecology and impact of the invasive praying mantis 
Miomantis caffra

Current position: Entomologist, Department of Conservation

Jarrod Thompson – Coexistence in ant communities invaded by the ecologically 
dominant Argentine ant

Current Position: Team Leader, AsureQuality

Kenneth Sung – Environmental limitations of Argentine ants
BSc (Honours) students

Ellery McNaughton – The effect of supplementary feeding on Indian mynah 
in urban areas.

Current position: Biosecurity Advisor, Auckland Council

Robin Gardner-Gee – Invertebrates and restoration: testing restoration assumptions 
and assessing restoration success on Motuora Island.

Current Position: Scientist, Plant & Food Research